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Window Class Reference

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class  AutoPauseState
class  FinishState
class  PauseState
class  PlayState
class  StartState
class  State

Public Member Functions

virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *event)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)
virtual bool event (QEvent *event)

Private Slots

void about ()
void aboutScowl ()
void autoPause ()
void autoResume ()
void chooseGame ()
bool endGame ()
void gameFinished (int score)
void gameStarted ()
void newGame ()
void setPaused (bool paused)
void showControls ()
void showDetails ()
void showLanguage ()
void showScores ()

Private Member Functions

void monitorVisibility (QMenu *menu)
void startGame (const QString &details=QString())

Private Attributes

QStackedWidget * m_contents
QAction * m_details_action
QAction * m_pause_action
QLabel * m_pause_screen
QHash< QString, State * > m_states


class State

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file window.h.

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